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Yoga Lehrer in Adliswil Tietelbild

Tim Fabrice

A journey of growth and passion

Tim has developed a deep connection to the world of yoga that extends far beyond the mat. His own yoga journey began as an oasis of calm and refuge from the hectic world. From the beginning, he found an inner satisfaction and peace in the harmonious movements and meditative practices of yoga, which inspired him to delve deeper and learn more about the philosophy of yoga.

Yoga Lehrer in Adliswil
Yoga Lehrer beim Retreat am meditieren
Yoga Lehrer mit Surfbrett in Adliswil

A guide for newcomers

As a passionate yoga teacher, Tim has an important message for newcomers:

"Yoga is much more than just physical poses. It's about being present in the present moment, feeling the connection between breath and movement and engaging in the inner journey."

Teaching with dedication

Tim firmly believes that every person deserves a healthy and happy life. For him, yoga is not just a practice on the mat, but a philosophy of life. As a teacher, he inspires his students to find mindfulness and peace in their daily lives. With his dynamic and sensitive lessons, he creates a harmonious connection between physical exercise and inner relaxation.

The superpower of smiling

What if Tim had a superpower? He would light up the world with his smile and spread an atmosphere of happiness and harmony.

We are proud to have Tim Fabrice as part of our team. His passion, his experience and his warmth make him an inspiring yoga teacher who encourages people to discover their inner sources of strength and live in harmony.

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